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Yellowstone Crew #0484

Yellowstone Crew #0484


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Animal: Elk

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Body: Natural

Eyes: Brown

Location: Yellowstone Lake

Season: Summer

Time: Day

Weather: Sunset

Hobby: Picnicker

Special: None

Rarity: 10 out of 100 (Common)

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About the collection

Yellowstone Firepit Crew is a limited-edition series of 1,018 unique digital animals, each tied to 10 real animals in locations throughout the Park.

Each piece of artwork includes a 900x900 pixel image and traits (animal, age, hobby, etc.) with 10 editions available for sale.

There will never be more than 1,018 animals or 10 editions of each animal—ensured by the blockchain programs powering the Firepit Crew (more info below).

Learn more about the logic behind the collection at

Powered by blockchain

Ownership of each edition in the Crew is tracked on the Polygon blockchain.

Polygon is a fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly (99.95% less intensive than Ethereum) blockchain, used for NFTs by large brands like Adidas/Prada and integrated with key platforms like OpenSea and (soon) Facebook/Instagram.

Our Polygon program (aka smart contract) is available for anyone to review: 0xa931BD6A2718434056DbB58f124Ea41F67Aaa34

All images (900x900 pixel PNGs) and traits (JSONs) are stored via Filecoin/IPFS (decentralized networks), and as such, can never be changed.

Delivery steps

Most NFT marketplaces (e.g., OpenSea) consist of blockchain programs that enable instant delivery of NFTs, but require significant crypto familiarity and rarely allow traditional payments.

We created this Shopify-powered store to enable familiar shopping and easy card purchases, so our NFTs are accessible to a wider audience.

To receive your collectible, you'll need to set up a wallet that's compatible with the Polygon blockchain—we recommend MetaMask mobile, which takes just a few minutes to set up.

Once you have a wallet, you can paste your public wallet address into the dialog box at checkout (fastest delivery) or via email after completing your purchase.

We'll provide more detailed wallet instructions with your order confirmation, so feel free to buy now and set up a wallet later.

Uses for a collectible

First, you're buying limited-edition digital artwork, and as the space matures, you'll have more and more places to show off that digital artwork—some examples:

Facebook/Instagram launched galleries for users' verified Ethereum/Polygon NFTs

Twitter launched a profile picture badge for verified Ethereum NFTs

• Coinbase launched a beta NFT marketplace emphasizing social feeds

Second, we're planning to launch collection challenges, leaderboards and owner-only forums as the collection gains traction (stay tuned on social media and via

Third, you can always list your NFT for sale on a marketplace like OpenSea, which tracks live ownership across the collection.